Accommodation bureau Berlin

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You got a seminar in Berlin? We have a room for you!

You are to visit an exhibition in Berlin for a couple of days? We have an apartment right across the street!

You are going to listen Jazzfest Berlin every evening? We have a quiet apartment to restore your ears!

With your new love a trip to Berlin? We have a cozy apartment you'll like to stay in!

Everyone is nagging you? In our room you won't get found!

You'll have an interview for a job in Berlin? We have a cheap room you can afford!

You have to do researches at Freie Universität Berlin? We have a cheap apartment in the neighbourhood!

You are planning courses at a language school in Berlin? You might walk to from your apartment!

You want to study a semester in Berlin? we have an apartment, you must'nt finance by serving food!

You decided to divorce? We have an apartment you might move in tomorrow!

Berlin is a gayfriendly city, and the hosts of our rooms/ apartments are gay friendly too!

accommodating in Berlin:

- bed and breakfast -

  • rooms with shared bathroom

  • rooms with own bathroom

  • furnished small apartments

  • furnished apartments for groups
    up to 15 persons

  • for every budget

Room/ apartment and pets

Most of our landlords in Berlin don't accept pets in their room/ apartment, we recommend to book very soon.

Room/ apartment and children

In most of our rooms and apartments in Berlin children beds and chairs are available .

Room/ apartment for smokers

Most landlords in Berlin don't accept smokers in their room/apartment, we recommend to book very soon.

Room/ apartment for the oversized

Only a few landlords in Berlin offer rooms and apartments with beds for oversized persons; we recommend to book very soon.

Room/ apartment for repeated booking

We offer in Berlin special conditions for clients, who book an apartment/ a room regularly.

Room/ apartment and discounts

We would like to give discounts to clients, who book a room or an apartmentin Berlin for longer terms.

Special services for rooms and apartments

The hosts of our berlin rooms and apartments also do special services - tickett-orders, buying food,....

Room/ apartment and terms of business

We mediate rooms/ apartments in Berlin only with inclusion of our terms of business.


some rooms/ apartments
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privatzimmer Nr.2

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privatzimmer Nr.15

privatzimmer Nr.16

privatzimmer Nr.18

privatzimmer Nr.20